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3 Things Tai Lopez Taught Me About Social Media

I first came across Tai Lopez about 18 months ago and at first I thought he was another self help guru. Like most people I wrote him off at first but then I kept seeing new ads and started to warm to him.

They say you need to see something 7 times before you will take action on it. I guess that’s often true because I must have seen Tai’s ads at least 7 times before I clicked on one and decided to watch and start following him. Sure there are blogs claiming Tai Lopez is a scammer but those blogs really only exist to piggyback off Tai’s traffic and brand.

One of the more legit looking reviews we found was review of Tai Lopez.

So what have I picked up from him? After following him from a while there are 3 tips I have picked up and implemented in my own marketing campaigns, I think you’ll find them useful.

Tip 1 – Viral Content

Tai mentions this in some of his videos. He says that your content needs to be able to go viral. It’s not a case of posting unrelated viral things however if your business has a level of virality built into it, you will always do better and this is very important when it comes to social media.

Applying this into social media campaigns has been extremely good for me. For example running Facebook Ads for a popular Supercar website. We started off running a number of ads such as videos of cars, but we noticed a trend when posting super viral content.

Things like supercar races, and illegal street races were extremely viral. This resulted in many people getting tagged in videos by their friends, and them sharing the posts on their own feeds. This is the kind of viral effect that allows you to massively stretch your marketing budget.

After doing this we were able to get views for as little as 0.001 per view which is amazing. That was on this one project, but we have even had cheaper views on other projects.

Tip 2 – Vary Content By Channel

Many people think that they can do the same thing across all their social media channels however this is not true and you will have poorer results if you do this. One thing I picked up from Tai is that you need to tailor your content to the specific platform you are using.

YouTube for example is a long form content platform, that means that generally longer videos do better. I mean think about it, when you head over to YouTube you are generally looking for longer content, not short viral videos like what you get on instagram or Facebook.

Facebook is definitely different to YouTube however longer content is starting to find it’s place on Facebook thanks to live video. However generally speaking Facebook does best with shorter videos, that’s because the videos appear on a feed and have to grab someones attention.

Snapchat is completely different again, you can’t post ridiculously long videos on Snapchat, your content has to be short and engaging, however you can use Snapchat like a story.

Snapchat is great, and has worked wonders for Tai Lopez because Snapchat shows the truth. Other social media channels allow more polished content, however with Snapchat you see what’s actually real and that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a great platform.

To recap the tip here is to tailor your content for each specific platform, don’t just post the same thing across all platforms and expect it to work because it won’t.

Tip 3 – Get Haters (Be Controversial)

This is a good tip and something picked up from not only Tai Lopez but also Grant Cardone who embraces his haters. Haters will give you free publicity. If you don’t have haters you are missing out.

Tai Lopez possibly has more haters than anyone else, and whilst getting haters shouldn’t be the goal, you shouldn’t be afraid of what haters say because ultimately they will help grow your brand.

Someone who doesn’t engage in your content won’t help grow your brand, yet a hater will spread your content across the web because they think they are hurting you when in actual fact they are helping you.

A prime example of this is Donald Trump. He possibly has more haters than anyone else in the world, but he has used this to his advantage. Not everyone is going to help you, and whilst Donald Trump claims he hates the media, in reality he loves the media because they spread stories about him which gets him more known and in turn gets him more fans.

So don’t be afraid to get haters and embrace them. I always wondered why Tai Lopez never took legal action against any of his haters who slander his name on social media with parody videos etc, but after watching a recent video he did it’s clear that this is just extra publicity for him.

Whilst he spends a lot of money on ads, these people essentially promote his free of charge!