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3 SEO Tips For Boosting Rankings In 2017

I want to give you 3 simple tricks you can use to boost your SEO rankings in 2017. These are 3 simple tricks I recently implemented at the SEO agency I have been working at, and they are simple!

404 Links


This method is pretty cool, 100% white hat and allows you to gain some really strong links. What you need to do is find other websites in your niche who are linking to 404 pages, in other words they are linking to content that no longer exists.

You then need to contact the site owners and let them know that they are linking to a 404 property and ask if they would like to replace the link with a link to your site. Of course your content needs to be relevant but this is something that can work for sure.

Guest Blogging

There was some BS in the SEO world about how guest blogging is dead but in reality it’s not as long as you pick relevant high quality blogs. I mean what is wrong with guest blogging, nothing is the answer.

Reach out to blogs and ask if you can write a guest blog. Make sure you pick them wisely. I think the reason guest blogging got a bad rep is because many blogs were using this to get links but they weren’t actually genuine links or relevant.


Links from YouTube don’t technically pass any juice but they are good to build overall authority and potential traffic, plus YouTube videos usually rank much better than a typical website far quicker and easier.

One method we use at the agency (when relevant) is to create a YouTube video for each blog post. If we write a blog post on a specific topic we will also create a 30 second YouTube video, and upload this and then link to our blog post.

Whilst it doesn’t technically pass juice it can actually provide a new traffic flow, and give you a stronger overall authority. No-follow links don’t pass juice but they are worth having from strong sources like YouTube.