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How To Run Cheap Facebook Ads

Want to know the secret to running cheap Facebook ads? Videos!

Okay that might not be 100% accurate as all niches will vary however videos can offer an incredible amount of traffic at a low cost. We tested this and found that videos perform far better on average that other forms of ads on Facebook, and they work even better when there are no external links.

If you are looking to build up a following and brand on Facebook here are a few tips for videos that you can utilise.

Tip 1 – Use Videos

Like I mentioned videos are amazing on Facebook. Basically Facebook wants to take over YouTube. Not literally but they want more people watching videos on their platform than YouTube and to do this they have put a massive emphasise on videos.

You’ll have noticed it no doubt on your own Facebook feed, there are videos everywhere. And most of them autoplay!

This is really tip no.1 to use videos because Facebook naturally will give videos a far bigger reach and it will cost you much less money when you promote videos over a website or even an image.

Tip 2 – No External Links

If you are promoting a product then obviously you’ll need to use external links however if you are simply promoting to get your brand out there or to build up your Facebook following then don’t use external links.

Facebook wants people to stay on their website. After all the more time people spend on Facebook the more money they make in ad revenues so they don’t want you going off to external links.

Obviously sometimes it will be necessary to link externally but when building a following try not to do this because if you don’t have external links Facebook pushes your content out to a far bigger audience. Your reach will be higher, your engagement better, and therefore the amount of money you spend will be much lower.

It varies from niche to niche but we have many videos on 1 of our projects we manage that gets views for as little as 0.0001 per view. Yes it’s really that low, it’s actually quite unbelievable.

Tip 3 – Viral Content

This is often easier said than done but this is super important. The more viral your video the cheaper your ad costs and the more effective. Viral videos are the real key.

What you want to see is people not just liking and sharing but tagging. The main metrics we look at are shares and tagging of friends. When you start to get a lot of this its a clear indication that your video could go viral.